Carbohydrates Are Not The Devil

Hi all thought it would be good to quickly touch on the subject of carbohydrates…

There are some of us that think when we are overweight we need to stop eating carbohydrates; well this is not totally true. We need to change the type of carbohydrates we consume from simple to more complex and at the correct times and also the amounts.

You should think of your body like an engine, it needs fuel to function and without it, it will not run efficiently. The body needs to know fuel is coming from food sources to allow our bodies to stop storing excess fat and also allow us to burn that unwanted blubber.

We all have a number of calories we should take in on a daily basis and should also be aware that if you are involved in any type of exercise we need to feed our body with fuel to be able to complete this at a good standard.

The two types of carbohydrates are simple and complex, simple consist of food such as boiled sweets, chocolate, fruit, fizzy drinks etc. and complex consist of rice, potato, pasta, corns and vegetables. Obviously fruit can be classed as a good simple sugar and should be part of your daily intake but not in excess.

Some fruits are also a good source of fibre which can help slow down the digestion of your carbohydrates and other foods which will help you stay fuller for longer when trying to diet keeping those sweet cravings away. The darker the carbohydrate the better as it is still in its non- processed form.

So if you are exercising you should also address your nutrition side, less simple carbohydrates more complex.

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