New gym machines for all levels

At Dynamix Leisure Gym we strive to give you the best workout possible. We have recently added ISO machines to our machine area.

These types of machines are excellent for muscle building, toning and muscle recovery. Due to the way these machine work and move you are always ensuring you are lifting using equal strength across the chosen muscle group.

They are designed to specifically isolate and hit the chosen muscle group giving you a great pump and really good muscle tissue breakdown with the end result being better shaped and stronger muscles.

Also as part of our great free weights gym we have added a Jones machine. Now this is a bit of kit! No more silly injuries or bad lifting styles as with using a standard Smith machine. The Jones helps and ensures you lift correctly, which again forces better muscle contractions and movement.

All the machines and free weights equipment in Dynamix Leisure gym is to guarantee you get a great workout whatever your goal. We have ensured we cater for all trainers, beginners, bodybuilding, everyday lifters, runners, footballers, rugby players and more. Coming to Dynamix Leisure is going to get you where you want to be, so waste no more time , come and see what we can do for you.

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