Therapy Rooms

    At Dynamix Leisure we have a number of therapy rooms that offer a number of services. We have a ladies and Gentlemens hair dressers whish is also available to the public. These are currently used by the following health professionals.

  • Will Wright. McTimoney Chiropractor. Will can be contacted on the following numbers 07905 031850 or 01303 863460
  • Dr. Alan Plenty. Chiropractic Acupuncture Dr Alan can be contacted on the following number 07775 601280
  • Joy Lane Clinic Osteopathy. Physiotherapy & Sports Inhury Clinic. Can be contacted on 01303 257801
  • Dr Miodrag Mitic None Surgical Facial Treatmeants 01303 270850
  • The Prices for all Non Surgical Facial Treatments are as follows
  • 1 area of Botox £175.00
    2 areas of Botox £250.00
    3 areas of Botox £300.00
    Dermal Fillers (per syringe) £285.00
    Upper & lower lip (dermal filled) £600.00
    Tooth Whitening (upper and lower) £350
    Bleach refills (per syringe) £25.00

  • All of the above treatments are undertaken by a fully qualified Dr

Dynamix Leisure also has rooms for rent for any professional, this could be for nail and beauty, hairdressing, massage and more. For further information on rooms for rent please contact us via email or by telephone on 01303 270850.

Gym Opening Hours

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Saturday 7:30am - 5pm
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