Who we are, what we do

Dynamix Gym will transform you into the NEW YOU with our great fitness classes and fully equipped gym

Welcome to Dynamix Leisure Gym

Dynamix Leisure gym is a Folkestone based gym that is family run. Dynamix offers multiple activities in a range of fitness classes for all levels to keep fit and get in shape.
Dynamix Gym offers individuals of any age the opportunity to train, get fit, lose weight, enjoy group fitness classes and meet new people.

Our gym is fully equipped with a large range of gym equipment resistance machines, separate newly built free weights room and also a fully equipped cardiovascular fitness suite.

We have great fitness studio/gym to cover all classes such as indoor Cycling /Spin, Tabata, Fitness Circuits, Box Fit, Functional Circuit Training and a lot more.

Dynamix Leisure gym also has a great supplement shop that provides high quality sports nutrition and advice. This will always ensure you get the right product that works best for you.

Dynamix leisure allows none gym members to attend all fitness classes and at a very competitive price.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned to ensure your training in the most comfortable of environments.

We have a onsite muscle and recovery clinic Mind and Muscle to ensure you are looked after correctly when injured or just require that relaxing massage.

We have very good gym personal trainers and instructors to assist you in losing weight, toning or Building muscle. Personal training is also available.

Another great addition to our Folkestone Gym is our beautiful private Sauna room to relax and recover in when needed.

Why we think you should join Dynamix Leisure Gym to reach your fitness goals

Just a few reasons why you should choose us as your gym to transform you mentally and physically.

Member Relationships

We thrive on our staff getting to know our members personally , first name terms, hobbies, fitness goals and much more you are part of the business and that matters

Gym Friendliness

Dynamix is place for all shapes sizes and ages , all our members welcome each other to enjoy and benefit from what we offer at Dynamix

Functional Gym Studio

We have a separate functional gym and studio to cater for those members who want to train differently and enjoy some great physical fitness classes

The New You Program

When joining you are inducted into the new you program which includes, weight and body composition monitoring , gym programs, personal training, class guidance, recovery massage and reviews to ensure you get what you need out of your membership
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Monday       6am-10pm
Tuesday      6am-10pm
Wednesday 6am-10pm
Thursday     6am-10pm
Friday          6am-10pm
Saturday      7am-8pm
Sunday        7am-7pm

Dynamix Leisure panatta

High Quality Equipment

We are proud to boast to you all the level of equipment we have at Dynamix. Panatta is the roles Royce of gym equipment

Great Cycle Studio

We have a great 20 bike cycle studio offering a great motivational environment due to our amazing sound system and light show not forgetting our experienced instructors to ensure you get the best out of their classes

Private Sauna

Dynamix has a beautiful relaxing sauna room which is booked on a per member basis so you can enjoy some you time without interruption.


At Dynamix we pride ourselves in everything we do for you, our members

Who is involved with making Dynamix Gym Successful

Dynamix work along side some quality professionals to ensure we offer the best service to all