My First Gym Visit To Dynamix

Frequently Asked Questions


Start your fitness journey on the right foot.

Arriving at a new gym can sometimes be an intimidating time for some.

Here you will find most of the questions asked , followed with the answers.  This will enable you to  start you visits at the gym with as  little stress as possible.

Now you can get to the gym and focus on whatever your fitness goal maybe , Lose weight, Tone up, get fit or just become more confident.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and if there any questions about Dynamix Gym please do ask a member of staff.

Helpful Information to start you off at Dynamix Leisure Gym Folkestone

All the answers you need to get cracking on your fitness journey with Dynamix Gym

If your interested in joining take a look at our members feed back in our Testimonal area and Price Plans. Any Other questions drop us a line anytime.

My First Visit To Dynamix Gym

Questions & Answers about your first visit to the gym

How do I enter the Gym?

When you arrive at Dynamix you may park free of charge in our car park and enter via the main front entrance. there you will either enter your pin code on tablet at the front desk or scan your Dynamix app. If you are new and no one is on reception please ring buzzer on the wall opposite reception.

What if I need help while I'm in the Gym?

You can always ask a member of staff who can recognized by their uniform. All of our members will also be happy to help

I entered my PIN but system won't log me in. What should I do?

You can log into the system via pin number or bar code using your Dynamix App.

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any issues logging in, if no one at the desk please ring the buzzer on the wall

I’m disabled; will I have problems getting into The Gym?

Dynamix is pretty user friendly for all. Our ladies toilets are on the first floor so this may be an issue for you.

Do i need a towel to train ?

Yes we have a strict towel policy, all members should lay a towel on all benches and seats to machines when training.

Questions & Answers On Gym Memberships

Frequently asked questions about being a member of the Gym

How old do I need to be to join the Gym?

You need to be 18 to enter a gym contract and for us to take money via a direct debit.

Ages below this is down to owners discretion and may ask to speak to your parent or guardian.

Can I trial the Gym before joining?

You may use the gym for a day fee which will be returned to you if you choose to join or taken of your first months fee. We do on occasions hand out guest passes to our current members

Can I freeze my membership?

You may freeze your membership unto 3 months but no less than 2 months. There is £5 admin fee for this service.

Can I get a student discount?

We do offer a student discount please seek to a member of staff at Dynamix

Do I need to give notice to end my membership ?

Yes you have to give one months notice on 11 month contract dependant. No notice is needed for casual memberships.

Information About Dynamix Gym & Equipment

Frequently asked questions about our facilities

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

When joining the gym as full member you will receive two PT sessions.

These would consist of an upper body workout and lower body workout to ensure you can start of your fitness journey in the right way.

Staff all always available to show members how to use equipment correctly.

Are there lockers?

We have lockers which provided  are free.

You will need to bring your own padlock which must be removed when you leave.

All training bags must be left in the lockers as we have a strict no bags policy for the gym floor.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

At Dynamix we have a private 5 person coals operated sauna.

This is bookable via the Dynamix app and is private booking only. This means when you book your session you can relax and recover on your own for the time you are in there.

You may also connect to the bluetooth sound system and play your own music.

Do you provide parking at The Gym?

We provide secure and free onsite parking.

What Security We Have At Dynamix

Know what security we have at Dynamix Gym

Is there CCTV at the Gym?

There is CCTV in every room of Dynamix. We would like to add that Dynamix is a very friendly and safe secure place to train.

Is the the gym website secure?

Dynamix Leisure Gyms website is very secure and is hosted under a secure certificate.

You can see this by looking at the link in your browser. The Domain name starts with HTTPS:// which is the easiest way of knowing.

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