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Ronan Fleming

Great gym trained while i visited some friends in kent. Will definately use again.

February 4, 2019

Chris James

Great gym. Fully functional, modern, friendly and a great range of equipment

February 4, 2019

Ben Anderson

Excellent gym and the owner is very supportive of your training goals. Whenever I’m in Folkestone I wouldn’t train anywhere elese but here !

February 4, 2019

Alex Denzey

Best gym in Folkestone (I have tried them all). This is the right place for those serious about their training.

February 4, 2019

Mark Simon Duffy

Excellent equipment with friendly members, perfect for all levels

February 4, 2019

Neil Batson

Ive been training for over 25 years and this gym is by far the best i,ve trained in. The equipment is first class and the gym is kept clean, tidy and everyone puts their weights away after use.The owner is always making additions to an already fantastic place to train .There also a room where you can do cross fit and functional strenght training.

February 4, 2019

Rob Huzzey

I’ve tried other Gyms in the past. At Bannatynes I’d sit in the Jacuzzi / Steam room rather than work out & at TruGym I’d grab a cheeky McDonalds breakfast from downstairs after a morning workout as “I deserved it”… These weren’t the fault of the Gyms, it was me.

At Dynamix, things are different. I really feel part of a group that take their fitness seriously, this makes me want to take it seriously too.

I’d heard that Dynamix was equipped for “proper weightlifters” which immediately put me off as I thought I would not fit in at all (as I’m still a beginner) but how wrong I was! It does have all the right equipment if you want to take your workouts seriously, but the staff & members are all so helpful & knowledgable that it didn’t take me long to get to grips (pun intended) with the right equipment to get the results I needed.

To make things even better, the owners have recently begun work towards a 70K upgrade of the equipment with no extra cost to the members! I almost don’t want to write this review to keep all the good stuff for myself Dynamix Leisure 1f609

Great gym, great people, really feel part of a group & actually had a few friends mention I’d lost weight / toned up since joining Dynamix Leisure 1f642

February 4, 2019

Helen Stainsby

I was very unsure when i went to this gym. My husband likes old school gyms where he can work out properly without kids mucking around at it like our previous gym. We went to view it and was shown around by a nice well informed ( very bulked ) member of staff. My husband loved it. But i thought how am i a slightly overweight 50 year old going to fit in amongst all these bulked people. My husband was straight on it and loved all the equipment thats available. Me i was out my comfort zone and playing at it. However my husband arranged for me to to spend some time with a nice member of staff who showed me how everything worked and took a real interest into what i wanted to achieve and how i might help myself. Now i love it. I feel very comfortable with other members and there is always people on hand to help and advise ii you need it. Nobody stares at you. Everyone is there to be serious about there training. The gym is always so tidy and clean. Really excited to see all the changes and decorating thats happening now. We wouldnt go anywhere else now. And the joint fee of 70.00 per month that it costs us is very good value for what you get.

February 4, 2019

Brad Atkins

“I have always been quite dedicated to my training over the years, I have tried a variety of different supplements without really knowing what is best for me or supporting it with a healthy diet. I am currently using the Complex Carbs and Whey Isolate as instructed and have found a noticable increase in my energy levels and stamina throughout my training sessions. I also use the Caffeine 200 before… particularly hard training sessions or whenever I feel i need a bit of a boost and find that they work brilliantly in helping me sustain energy throughout my workout. The diet that kia has created for me suits my bodytype and training schedule perfectly, im losing weight and i feel strong and full of beans throughout the day! Thankyou Dynamix”

January 19, 2019

Kyle Baxter

have been training for almost 8 years now and I have sampled many products at a range of different prices. For me Dynamix products combined with the advice have seen me gain some of the best result since I started training. Plus the competitive prices make it easier on the bank balance. Overall I have yet to find something wrong with any of the products and the new protein bars are too good! Long gone are the days I spend 30 minutes chewing on a block of rubber other companies call a protein bar! Awesome products, amazing advice and long may it continue!! Keep up the great work.”

January 19, 2019

Lee Jeffery

Moved over to Dynamix over a year ago and what a difference. Great product with superb customer service. You will not be disappointed. I had superb advice on a 1 2 1 basis backed up with a product that’s 2nd to none in quality and taste. Kia brings a very personal touch and delivers high standards in both his approach and his product, so thank you Dynamix for your help and support.”

January 19, 2019

Josh Gamgee

“Got to say a huge thank you to Dynamix Sports Nutrition: not only quality products but bespoke, effective advice. Using Kia’s weight cutting program I went from 84kg to 77kg in a month without damaging my health, and managed to rehydrate safely, maintaing my strength; went three rounds in the cage and won by submission. The supplements are of a high quality and reasonable price, but it’s the knowledge and personal application that produces immense value for money. Can’t believe I wasted so many years with inferior products and minimal information.”

January 19, 2019

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