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Professional mma fighter and owner of mad Hatters asylum

10 days ago I was 81kg I had to weigh in the day befor my fight at 70.3kg this is a huge weight cut but one I was keen to do as it is for the British title, so I went to see Dynamix sport nutrition and he gave me a cutting and loading plan. I made weight then woke up the day of the fight at 77kg thanks for the help guys Ossssiiii Jack Magee”

January 19, 2019

Adam Eastwood

Thanks Dynamix for your support and advice leading up to race day, and coming up to London and hanging around to cheer us on, very much appreciated. Took your advice and used the Fastbreak a couple of hours before the race start and found it ea…sy on the stomach. The NRG Fuel worked a treat pre-race and during the race. Using the carb/protein mix post race was the first time I haven’t suffered from stomach discomfort post event. Thanks again Dynamix!”

January 19, 2019

Danny Edwards

“Like to say a big thank you to Kia and dynamix. Two months and two stone lighter plus my sleep insomnia seems to have totally gone roll on the next two months.”

January 19, 2019

Paula Francis

I didn’t fully appreciate what a proper equipped gym could provide until I found Dymamix. The ISO machines, free weights, guidance and advice have proven paramount in my training but also unlike other gyms you are taught respect towards the equipment you are using and other members.  Kia also does a mean post workout lunch to order.  Where else do you get that service?  Thank you Kia and Dynamix.

January 19, 2019

Bella Higgins

I thank my lucky stars that Dynamix is in my life! The gym facility has first class equipment for a start. Kia has educated me with training, with nutrition and it’s been a learning curve that has taken me beyond my original goal. I didn’t know this much change was even possible! Dynamix Leisure and it’s staff give a completely personal service – that’s rare to find. Thank you!

January 19, 2019

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