One-Rep Max

Calculate Your One-Rep Max (1RM)

Use the calculator below for any lift to estimate your one-rep max based on the amount of weight you can lift on a given move, and the number of clean reps you can achieve before muscle failure.

Metric Imperial
Your One-Rep Max is
These calculations are based on averages

Why do you need to calculate your 1RM?

Strength coaches set up programs with percentages based on your 1RM because they don’t know your actual strength level, but they know what percentages they want you to be using relative to your single-rep max. The calculator gives you all the relevant loads, which are done simply by multiplying the percentage by your 1RM.

When Training for your one rep max in the gym please ensure you request a spotter. Someone in the gym will always be happy to help

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1 rep mate can be done over a number of lifts Bench Press, Leg Press , Squat and Deadlift . These are all good compound movements to gauge your strength .

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