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03 Mar

12 Week New You Plan

When joining Dynamix we want you to succeed so what we build into you membership is our great 12 week new you plan with on going health checks to aid you in reaching your goals and staying on track.

At Dynamix Gym folkestone we want you to achieve your goal so we work with at all times. you are not just a number but a part of the Dynamix family.


  • full Gym training program
  • 4 HITS sessions
  • 4 pt sessions
  • 5 family/ friends fitness class passes
  • 4 week muscle recovery massage
  • 3 private sauna sessions

Full Body Composition Testing

We feel you need to know your body stats to even begin to make changes to your body and life style, s o ensure you know the facts from start to finish with our full body tests we test for the following.

  • Body fat
  • BMR
  • Muscle mass
  • Visceral fat
  • Metabolic age
  • Blood pressure and more with Quartile reviews